The small village of Irtagal, located in the borderlands of a great kingdom.

It is a quiet town with no special points of interest,
until one day a major earthquake opens up a massive cavern not far from town.
Then, a young boy from Irtagal
(age 10 at the time, and fond of apple pie) discovers the cavern.
The area around the cavern was littered with weapons, armor, and treasure unlike any the villagers had seen before, so naturally they explored it out of curiosity.

The village mayor’s son (age 36, unemployed) was the first into the cavern, but he and several friends never came back out.
After that, a number of (self-styled) tough young people from the village team up and try to explore the cavern,
but almost none come back,
and the few who do narrowly survive come out injured and broken.

Taking this as a serious issue, the mayor (age 55, currently in divorce mediation) petitioned to the great kingdom to investigate,
leading to the formation of a research team to investigate the great earthquake cavern of Irtagal.

The research team names the great cavern “God’s Yawn,” and sets restrictions and licensing requirements on potential explorers.

Players take on the role of a newly-promoted commander in charge of the research team, and takes charge of mighty adventurers from all over
as they work to investigate God’s Yawn (and also get ahold of any treasure that might be found along the way).


A special currency used only in the borderlands.

It isn’t really used anywhere else,
but some distant country might use it.

Regardless, it is almost useless within the kingdom.

God’s Yawn

A huge cavern that opened up near the village suddenly.

Its entryway thrusts up out of the ground,
and looks like a mountain at first glance.

The entrance has been sealed tight since the kingdom that rules this village sent a research team,
and guards open the entrance when research team heads into the dungeon.
They run it, basically.


People who think of themselves as tough gather from all around to explore God’s Yawn in this world.

The kingdome issues them with Adventurer Certificates, granting them the right to explore God’s Yawn.

Adventurers are ranked based on performance, and higher-ranked adventurers have more ways of getting out of tight spots.


Monsters are native to God’s Yawn.

They are vicious beasts,
but some of them will travel with you if you give them their favorite foods.


Equipment is a critical point for adventurers.

God’s Yawn is filled with unbelievable equipment, and numerous adventurers want in just for that.

This equipment can include items made from monsters, or even rumored items that neighboring nations are unable to duplicate…

Naturally, rare equipment sells for a high price.