Terms of Use

  1. Objective
    1. These terms set forth the terms of use of all services (hereinafter collectively the “Service”) involved in “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” (hereinafter the “Game”), a game provided and operated by Cross Games, Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”).
    2. The individual using the Service (hereinafter the “User”) consents these terms through the use of the Service, and also effectively consents to the collection and processing of data set forth in the Privacy Policy. The User cannot access or utilize the Game without consenting to these terms or the Privacy Policy.
    3. When accessing or utilizing the Service, as the Service is subject to change at any time, additional guidelines or rules may be applicable to specific portions of the Service.
      All such guidelines and rules are incorporated into these terms.
  2. Definitions
    1. The following terminology has the definitions set forth below in these terms.
      1. “PlayMining NFT”: An online auction service operated by “Digital Entertainment Asset Pte., Ltd.” (hereinafter “DEA”).
      2. “PlayMining ID”: An ID configured separately in the manner specified by PlayMining NFT.
      3. “Account”: A PlayMining ID account opened by the User to utilize the Service.
      4. “Game Data”: Refers to usage history for the User in the Game, all in-game data (including items like character data, item acquisitions, in-game currency).
      5. “In-Game Currency”: Refers to in-game currency issued and used in the Game.
      6. “DEAPcoin”: Some item purchases on the Service and purchases or sales of NFTs over PlayMining NFT utilize encrypted assets.
      7. “NFT”: Non-fungible tokens generated with blockchain.
      8. “Wallet”: An encrypted asset wallet capable of receiving or spending DEAPcoin with other encrypted asset wallets or encrypted asset exchanges, as explained on PlayMining NFT.
  3. Service Use and Account Registration
    1. Account registration is required for use of the Service (including saving of Game data and progression to usage). Users register accounts (including PlayMining ID registration) in the methods and with the information established by DEA.
    2. Users declare and ensure they are legal adults by utilizing the Service. If the User is a minor, the User declares and assures they have the consent of a parent or legal guardian for their registration.
      If, after account registration, it becomes clear a legal guardian did not consent, the Company may suspend or delete the account in question, and may decline to provide the Service in whole or in part at the present or in the future.
  4. Account Management
    1. The User will manage the account with care, and will not engage in usage found to be illicit by the Company.
      As examples of illicit usage, the User may not engage in acts including but not limited to loaning, transferring, buying or selling, or providing the account as collateral to a third party or making disclosures that would compromise account security.
    2. Usage of the Service with an account is viewed as activity by the legal owner of said account, personally, and all damages incurred through the use of said account are the liability of the User, personally.
    3. The Company is not liable in any way for damages incurred by the User, excluding cases of gross negligence or malicious intent on the part of the Company.
  5. Personal Information
    1. The Company will handle personal information obtained from the User in relation to provision of the Service appropriately in accordance with the Privacy Policy established by the Company, and will endeavor to manage and safeguard personal information appropriately.
    2. The User will not make use of the Service with personal information obtained through falsehoods or other illicit methods.
  6. Acquisition of In-Game Currency
    1. The User may acquire in-game currency through in-game activity (such as login bonuses and battle rewards).
    2. The User will only acquire in-game currency according to limitations or requirements established at the exclusive discretion of the Company.
  7. DEAPcoin Usage
    1. The User may purchase items for use in the Game with DEAPcoin, following methods set forth by the Company, and within the range of their DEAPcoin balance.
    2. When the User purchases an item, the DEAPcoin used for the purchase is deducted from their wallet balance.
    3. The DEAPcoin balance is recorded on DEA servers along with the User’s account.
    4. So long as the same account is used, the User may use DEAPcoin within their account’s wallet.
    5. The User is responsible for managing their DEAPcoin. Regardless of the reason therefor, the Company will never cancel or revoke usage of DEAPcoin, or exchange DEAPcoin for cash or other encrypted assets.
    6. The User may not loan, buy or sell, grant, or otherwise transfer DEAPcoin to third parties over PlayMining NFT or within the Game.
    7. In the event that the Company establishes limitations on use of DEAPcoin, the User will utilize DEAPcoin only within the scope of said limitations.
  8. Disposal of In-Game Currency
    1. Regardless of the reason therefore, in the event a PlayMining ID is deleted, the in-game currency linked to said PlayMining ID and recorded on Company servers is also deleted.
    2. The User may not make any requests of the Company or DEA regarding this deletion of in-game currency, and the Company and DEA are not responsible for deleted in-game currency in any way, and make no compensation for it.
    3. Provided, however, that this shall not apply in the event of deletion of in-game currency due to gross negligence or malicious intent on the part of the Company.
  9. Scholarships
    1. Scholarships are a system of loaning and borrowing NFTs between Users (the User loaning is the “Owner,” while the User borrowing is the “Scholar.” Furthermore, the duration of said loaning and borrowing is the “Scholarship Period.”) .
    2. Information on the Scholar over the Scholarship Period, in-game items obtained by the Scholar and previously agreed on between Scholar and Owner, and other in-game items are automatically sent to the Owner.
    3. The Owner cannot use the NFT in question for other transactions on the Service (including sales) during the Scholarship Period.
    4. Neither the Company nor DEA contributes in any way to interactions between the Owner and Scholar during the use of Scholarships, nor is any compensation made or liability accepted.
  10. NFT Viewing
    1. Users can view NFTs purchased via PlayMining NFT in the Game using methods established by DEA.
    2. NFT purchases and sales and other detailed terms are as per the PlayMining NFT Terms of Use separately set forth by DEA.
  11. Fees
    1. In the absence of any separate, specific provisions, the Game is provided free to the User, but the User may purchase in-game items with DEAPcoin.
    2. The User accepts that the Company is not liable in any way for the connection of the Game to hardware, software, networks, etc. Users are responsible for network installations and fees required for use of the Game.
  12. Retention of Rights and Intellectual Property Rights
    1. The Company owns, manages, and licenses all intellectual property (including all source code, databases, functions, software, website designs, audio, video, text, photographs, and graphics) and trademarks, service marks, and logos (hereinafter “Marks”) included therein. The User holds no rights in relation to intellectual property making up or contained within the Game, with the exception of usage according to these Terms of Use.
    2. The User may not make use of any images, video, audio, logos, text, programs, or other content relating to the Service and websites for provision of the Game, such as duplication, transfer, lending, translation, amendment, transmission, reuse, or non-permitted use by a third party in any form, other than in ways set forth by the Company separately.
    3. Although the Company posts written notice on the Service or official website regarding retention of registered trademarks, etc. by the Company or a third party, even absent this notice of trademarks, the Company or third party retains the usage rights in question.
  13. Prohibitions
    1. The User is prohibited from the following behavior when using the Service.
      1. Acts of instilling insecurity or discomfort by means of slandering, threatening, or unjustly demanding, or through acts or speech causing sexual, discriminatory, anti-social or other discomfort
      2. Acts impairing the operation of the Game or the Company’s business through excessive inquiries, slander, threats, or unjust demands toward the Company
      3. Acts of impersonating or imitating Company personnel, other Users, third parties, or fictional persons
      4. Acts damaging the trust or good name of a third party, such as slander of said third party
      5. Acts of promoting, transacting, exchanging materials, promoting religion, or soliciting for purposes unrelated to the Game
      6. Acts that are illegal or criminal, or other acts that infringe on Japanese or foreign laws and ordinances (including acts which violate the rights of third parties)
      7. Acts violating public morality
      8. Acts based in prejudice or discrimination toward a religion, race, sex, ethnicity, or other aspect of human rights
      9. Acts of providing information as a reference for or recommending illegal or harmful activities and substances
      10. Acts of granting, exchanging, transferring, changing ownership, buying or selling, providing as collateral or other security, or otherwise allowing third party usage or disposal of a PlayMining ID or game data in whole or in part
      11. Acts of holding multiple PlayMining IDs. Note that this excludes cases where advance permission is gained from the Company
      12. Use of the Game by minors. Ages of legal majority conform to the laws of the User’s nation of residence. Note that this excludes cases where advance permission is gained from the Company, presuming there is no infringement of the laws of the nation of residence
      13. Acts of using the Game for purposes of misuse or impairment of the Company network or services
      14. Acts of evading, disabling, or otherwise impairing or attempting to impair Company-implemented technical or security features (including features restricting or preventing data usage or copying) or features imposing restrictions on use of the Game or data included in the Game
      15. Acts of acquiring data and other content systematically from the Game, without the written consent of the Company (including compiling, database conversion, and creation of directories, whether directly or indirectly)
      16. Acts of data mining, scraping, bot usage, or other similar data collection or extraction
      17. Acts of impairing the uninterrupted use of the Game, or of altering, hampering, or damaging the Game in order to change or impair usage, features, controls, or maintenance through the uploading or sending (or attempted uploading or sending) of viruses, Trojan horses, malware, damaged data, or other harmful files
      18. Acts of developing or using applications or software for unintended operation of the Game
      19. Acts of reverse compiling, reverse assembling, or reverse engineering the Game
      20. Creation of data imitating in-game data or features, or creation of executable programs
      21. Acts of redistribution, resale, lending, or diversion such as through copying the Game in whole or in part
      22. Acts promoting, encouraging, supporting, advising, proselytizing, or preparing for the actions set forth above (including unintentionally)
      23. Acts otherwise violating the provisions of these terms or laws and ordinances, etc.
      24. Acts similar to those set forth above, or those recognized as risking infringement
      25. Acts the Company otherwise finds to be inappropriate
  14. Deletion or Temporary Suspension of Registered Accounts
    1. In the event the Company considers any of the following to apply to the User or that there is a reasonable risk it applies to them, the following responses may be taken without prior notice or warning.
      1. In the event of a violation of any of the provisions of these terms
      2. In the event of violations of the Privacy Policy of the Service
      3. In the event that the Company finds use of the Service to be inappropriate on the basis of other reasonable factors
    2. In the event any of the above apply to the User, the Company may take responses including any of the following.
      1. Warnings
      2. Temporary suspension of accounts on the Service
      3. Deletion of accounts registered on the Service
      4. Prohibition of Service use by the customer in question
      5. Legal action
  15. Denial of Warranties
    1. The Game is provided as-is, and the User utilizes the Game at personal risk.
    2. Within the scope permitted by law, the Company makes no implicit or explicit warranty of product suitability or implicit warranty of compatibility for use of the Game and Service, nor any warranty concerning compatibility with specific purposes or the following matters.
      1. Stability of Game operations
      2. Absence of bugs or other defects in the Game
      3. Completeness or certainty of the Game
      4. Usability of the Game on specific devices
      5. Absence of issues with specific devices in use of the Game
      6. Completeness, certainty, and utility, etc. of any data obtained by the User relating to use and content of the Game
      7. Retention of complete game data for the Game
      8. Infringement of third party intellectual property rights or any other rights by the Game
  16. Operating Environment
    1. The User must satisfy the operating parameters for the Service’s operating environment.
    2. The Company is not liable in any way for any damages ensuing due to said User failing to satisfy the operating parameters.
  17. Amendment, Suspension, or Termination of the Service
    1. The Company may amend, restrict, temporarily suspend, or terminate the Service in whole or in part without prior notice to the User in the event of any of the following.
      1. When conducting routine or emergency maintenance on equipment, etc. required for the operation and provision of the Service
      2. When Service provision cannot be continued due to malfunction, fire, power outage, unexpected accident, or force majeure affecting the system or communication lines
      3. When emergency situations arise, such as natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, tsunamis, etc.) or wars, riots, civil unrest, or labor disputes
      4. When there are operational, technical, or other unavoidable reasons
    2. Other than the items set in the previous paragraph, the Company may terminate provision of the Service in whole or in part after advance notice to the User via the Service or official website, or in-game.
    3. The Company is not liable to the User in any way even in the event the Company amends, restricts, temporarily suspends, or terminates the Service.
  18. Compensation for Damages
    1. The User will defend, compensate, and exempt the Company from requests from third parties to the Company and will compensate damages in full to the Company in the event the Company incurs damages due to (A) use of the Service or Game, (B) violation of these terms, or (C) other factors attributable to the User personally.
  19. Disclaimers
    1. The Company is not liable in any way for any damages incurred by the User (including indirect damages, ancillary damages, consequential damages, punitive damages, statutory damages, or other special damages, regardless of whether these arise from lost profits, reductions in sales, data loss or modification, disposal or loss of in-game currency, or any other form of damages (regardless of contract law, illegal activity, exemptions from compensation, or violations of warranties)), except in cases of gross negligence or malicious intent on the part of the Company.
    2. Regarding the Service and the Game, the Company makes no assurances for any of the following, and is not liable to any extent for any damages (including but not limited to damages incurred by the User) arising due to said factors.
      1. Accuracy of content and particulars
      2. User access to the Game
      3. Server environment
      4. Illicit access to data concerning personal assets or personal information, or illicit usage associated therewith
      5. Connection issues in the Game or similar phenomena
      6. Viruses or cyberattacks
      7. Errors in content and associated particulars
      8. Other matters not attributable to this operator in conventionally accepted contexts
  20. Validity of These Terms of Use and Agreements Associated With the Service
    1. Even in the even the provisions of the Terms of Use are found to be invalid in whole or in part, other provisions of the Terms of Use excluding said portion in question shall retain effect.
    2. Even in the event the provisions of the Terms of Use are found to be invalid or are revoked in relation to a customer, the Terms of Use retain validity in relation to other customers.
  21. Amendments to These Terms
    1. The Company may make partial amendments, revisions, additions, or deletions from these terms and the Privacy Policy. In the event the Company makes amendments, revisions, additions, or deletions from these terms and the Privacy Policy, the Company will give notice on the official websites for the Game and Service, in-game, or in other ways established by the Company.
    2. In the absence of particular stipulations otherwise in the notice in question, the amended Terms of Use and Privacy Policy take effect immediately.
    3. The User effectively consents to the amended Terms of Use and Privacy Policy through continued use of and access to the Service after notice is given.
      The User must immediately cease use of or access to the Service in the event of non-consent to the amended Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  22. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    1. Use of the Service and the application and interpretation of these terms is governed by Japanese law in the absence of particular stipulations otherwise.
    2. The Tokyo district court has exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes relating to use of the Service in the absence of particular stipulations otherwise.