The Dungeon

You will need to roll dice to progress through the dungeon.
You advance as far as the pips showing after you roll the dice,
aiming to make your way farther in.

Some adventurers also have skills that are more effective based
on the number of pips you get on a dice roll.
Use these skills and items for an edge to get the treasure!

Battle System

A battle will start if your turn ends on a monster space!
Roll the battle dice to determine what you can do in battles.

Consider attacks, skills, recovery, items, and more,
as well as the sequences and combinations to bring down monsters.

Careful use of the attack order is key to gaining the advantage in battles!

NFT Activation Potential for Equipment

You can make unique improvements to equipment
you find in the dungeon by using DEAPcoin.

Upgrades using DEAPcoin will
increase the rewards you get from battles and other sources.

Equipment with these special upgrades is
also known to sell for a high price, making adventurers
seek it out, as well as the treasure likely hidden even deeper within the dungeon.