Q. What kind of game is this?

It’s a dungeon-crawler RPG where you roll dice and progress through a dungeon to find treasure.
This is a blockchain game with play-to-earn main content.
Advance through dungeons and take down monsters to find rare equipment in the depths,
then earn yourself a lot of DEAPcoin.

Q. How do I make a wallet and start playing the game?

You will need a PlayMining ID to play the game.
See below for how to make a PlayMining ID.
How to set a password for PlayMining

See below for more information on how to set up a wallet.
How to create a PlayMining ID and Wallet

Q. Can I play for free?

There is no base cost to play the game.
However, you will need the crypto asset “DEAPcoin” to purchase NFTs, which give you a variety of boosts in the game.
You are also responsible for any connection and data expenses.
You can acquire DEAPcoin in the three following ways.

  • 1: Play the game. Note that these are rewards with set requirements.
  • 2: Purchase on an outside crypto exchange.
  • 3: Purchase a PlayMining NFT via credit card through Simplex.
  • https://daa.playmining.com/exchange

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions.
However, note that crypto exchanges may independently set their own age restrictions for users.

Q. Can I use other NFTs, too?

Other NFTs cannot be used with this title at present.
Also, NFTs from other platforms cannot be used in this game, even if they are NFTs associated with this game.

Why does the game run unreliably and crash upon opening?

You may be running the game in a non-recommended browser. Please try running the game in Chrome.

Q. Do you offer user support in languages other than Japanese?

This game has Japanese and English versions.

Q. When does the date update in this game?

The date updates at 09:00 JST in this game.

Q. Where do I look for updates on maintenance or other news?

For maintenance updates, see our official Twitter (https://twitter.com/R3_GAME_EN) and
our official Discord channel (https://discord.com/invite/UcEAuyZGCV). Both are updated as needed.


Q. What is play to earn (P2E)?

This refers to a game where you can earn virtual currency as a reward for playing.
In this game, you can get DCC(In-game currency) that can be exchanged for the DEAPcoin crypto asset.
DEAPcoin can be exchanged for other crypto assets or legally-backed currencies (such as US dollars) through exchanges and other means.
This means you get more chances to earn the more you play.

Q. What is an NFT game (or a blockchain game)?

It’s a game that uses blockchain, the technology used to manage transaction data for crypto assets and NFTs.

Q. What is cryptocurrency?

It is economic value that can be exchanged on the internet, typically backed by blockchain technology.

Q. What is PlayMining?

It’s a co-creation platform for a new “play to live” culture and economy that works through games and other entertainment, through use of the DEAPcoin crypto asset for NFT transactions focused on PlayMinining NFTs.

Q. What is DCC?

DCC stands for “Dep Change Coins,” a type of coin you can get in the game.
They can be exchanged for DEAPcoin at set intervals.

Q. What is DEAPcoin?

DEAPcoin is a crypto asset used to exchange for NFTs like PlayMining NFTs.
You can acquire DEAPcoin in the three following ways.

  • 1: Play the game. Note that these are rewards with set requirements.
  • 2: Purchase on an outside crypto exchange.
  • 3: Purchase a PlayMining NFT via credit card through Simplex.
  • https://daa.playmining.com/exchange

Q. What is an NFT?

NFTs are digital data you can “own” based on blockchain technology. Just like assets in the real world, you can buy or sell them, or loan or borrow them.
You can buy and sell them via the PlayMining NFT (https://daa.playmining.com/) marketplace, or borrow and loan them via the in-game scholarship feature.

Q. What is rarity?

Adventurers (character NFTs), equipment, and monsters all have rarity settings.
Rarity indicates scarcity and value.

LegendaryThe rarest and most valuable type of adventurer.
EpicAn extremely strong, rare, and valuable adventurer.
RareA strong, and relatively rare and valuable adventurer.
UncommonA fairy strong adventurer.
CommonThe most typical type of adventurer.

Q. What is user rank?

Q. What is user rank?
This rank indicates how far into the dungeon a user has progressed.
Your rank gradually rises as you explore the dungeon.
You may also benefit in-game as your rank rises, such as by gaining stamina recovery.

Q. What is the “Activate NFT” shown on my equipment?

Equipment starts out in a “non-NFT” state when found.
The Activate NFT option lets you convert it into NFT status.
Using Activate NFT gives some equipment additional effects and stats.


Q. Q: High-rarity adventurers may have lower stats than low-rarity adventurers.

As the rarity increases, adventurers become increasingly formidable.
It’s not just about having higher stats; even if their stats are lower than those of lower-rarity adventurers, they can have powerful skill effects or become stronger under specific conditions.

Additionally, each adventurer has their own individual traits, so try to find combinations of adventurers that work well together and create your own party.

Q. How do I get adventurers and equipment?

You can purchase adventurers (character NFTs) on PlayMining NFT.
Some “non-NFT” adventurers can be acquired in-game, but cannot be resold.

You can get equipment (equipment NFTs) from treasure chests in the dungeon.
Equipment is in “non-NFT” state when you first find it, and can be turned into an NFT via commands in the game.

Q. What does it mean when it says “healer” or “thief” in the details of an adventurer?

Each adventurer has a set “type.”
Types vary in ways like the following.

Physical AttackerThis type is specialized in physical attacks. They are a key part of your offense.(Physical)
Magic AttackerThis type is specialized in magic attacks. They are a key part of your offense.(Magic)
HealerThis type restores health. They can treat your team’s wounds.
ThiefThis type fights by relying on evasion. They deal constant damage.
TankThis type specializes in defense. They can serve as a shield and increase your team’s defense.
SupportThis type excels at enhancing and supporting your team, or in weakening the enemy.

Q. How do adventurer stats work?

HPAdventurer health.
ATKAdventurer physical attack strength.
DEFAdventurer resistance to physical attacks.
INTAdventurer magic attack strength.
RESAdventurer resistance to magic attacks.
DEXAdventurer accuracy and precision.
AGIAdventurer evasion.

Q. What do I do to raise my adventurer’s level?

You can raise an adventurer’s level in the following ways.

  • • Win battles with monsters to gain experience.
  • • Use items to raise adventurer experience.

Q. Adventurers have “battle skills” and “dungeon skills.” How are they different?

Adventurers have battle skills they can only use in battles with monsters and dungeon skills they can only use when exploring the dungeon.
Some adventurers only have battle skills only.

Q. Is it possible to include the same adventurer in the party?

Yes, that is possible.

Q. What is “Limit Break”?

Adventurers who join your party become stronger by leveling up, but their level limit is initially set at 75. Some adventurers may reach a point where they can’t grow any further within this limit, but it’s possible to raise the level cap by using specific materials. This is referred to as “Limit Break (Level Cap Release)”.

Level Cap Release can be performed using materials obtained in dungeons and gold (in-game currency). There are several types of Level Cap Releases, and the required materials vary depending on the adventurer. So, explore dungeons to gather a variety of materials.

Q. What do I need to limit break an adventurer?

You need limit break materials and gold.
There are also several varieties of limit break materials, and the type required will vary by adventurer.

Q. What specific effects does the “NFT bonus” have on adventurers and equipment?

The number shown in this location is added into the amount of DCC available in the game.
You will not receive NFT bonus effects if the amount of DCC is 0.

Q. Are adventurers deleted when their HP reaches 0?

No, they are not.
An adventurer will leave the dungeon when their HP reaches 0, and will be restored to full HP when you complete the dungeon.
However, adventurers who reach 0 HP in the dungeon or a battle will not be able to participate in battles or that dungeon until they are healed using items or specific tile effects.

Q. Can you enhance the equipment you find?

There are equipment items that, when activated as NFTs, provide additional effects and increase their stats.
Additionally, merging non-NFT equipment with NFT equipment of the same name enhances their base stats and NFT bonus values.
When synthesizing equipment, the base value of each stat is reflected based on whichever is higher when compared to the material equipment.

Q. My equipment is full. Can I sell equipment?

In principle, you can sell off equipment you find.
However, please note that you can’t sell equipment that you have used “Activate NFT” on.


Q. Does stamina recover over time?

Yes, it does. Stamina typically depletes by 10 per roll of the dice in dungeons (excluding specific conditions like events) and recovers once every 3 minutes.

Q. There are tiles I can’t step on. Why?

There are some set tiles you can’t step on in the dungeon map.
There are no advantageous effects or treasure chests on tiles you can’t step on, so don’t worry about them too much.

Q. I rolled a higher number than what it takes to get to the goal. Do I still make the goal?

In this game, you get a goal the moment you reach the goal square, not just when you land on it directly.

Q. Can I continue playing where I left off after stopping midway?

Yes, you can.
If you have a save where you suspended mid-dungeon, there will be a banner marked “Progress” on the selection screen for the dungeon to explore. Selecting that banner will let you restart the game from the start of the turn when you suspended in that dungeon.

that if you stop on a Monster Tile or interrupt a battle, you will be returned to the beginning of the battle. So, be cautious when stopping on a Monster Tile and starting a battle.

Q. Is there a way I can check which dungeon has a specific item?

Yes, you can.
There is a treasure chest icon on the screen where you select stages during dungeon selection, and selecting the “Details” button under the icon will display a list of items available in that stage.

Q. Are there clear or failure conditions for the dungeon?

Generally, you clear dungeons by reaching the goal.
You fail to clear a dungeon if all 6 adventurers in your party reach 0 HP, if you do not reach the goal tile within a specific number of turns, or if the user selects to “retire.”

Q.I got poisoned by the tile I stopped on. Is there a way to cure it?

If you are poisoned or have another status effect, you can cure the status effect by waiting a set number of turns, using an item, or using a dungeon skill some adventurers have.

Q.Please tell me about various abnormal conditions.

Poison:One point of damage is taken for each square moved.
Burn:One point of damage is taken for each square moved.
Frostbite:At the end of the turn, you take damage, and the dice roll is subtracted.
Lost:You move in the opposite direction of the dice roll result.
Slip:The dice roll result is increased by 1 square.
Slow:The dice roll result becomes equal to or less than a specific number.
Raid:You can always take the first turn in battles.
Resist:You have a chance to negate negative spaces (status abnormalities) through probability.
Iron Shoes:It mitigates the damage from negative spaces (damage).
Energy Charge:It increases the initial energy during battles.


Q. What can users do during battles?

Battles follow the flow of events below. *This example shows the user acting first, and monsters second.

  • 1. Roll for initiative, deciding who goes first or second (only when starting battle).
  • 2. Roll battle dice and gain potential actions for that turn.
  • 3-a. The actions you can take differ depending on your dice roll (the “symbol” from here on).
    • • Attack Symbol Attack the number of times rolled.
    • • Double Attack Symbol Double attack the number of times rolled.
    • • Heal Symbol Restore any adventurer’s HP the number of times rolled.
  • The following three types do not have user input.
    • • Shield Symbol Shields against the next monster attack, reducing damage.
    • • Energy Symbol Lets you store up the energy required to use adventurer battle skills.
    • • Blank Symbol This is the failure result. The number of things you can do that turn is reduced by the number of blanks.
  • 3-b. If you have enough energy symbols, you can use adventurer battle skills.
    • The number of symbols required depends on the adventurer and skill.
    • Additionally, some skills, like “performing recovery,” have activation conditions that require someone in the party not to have taken damage.
  • 3-c. If you rolled at least one heal symbol, you can restore HP for any adventurer.
  • 4. Select the “Turn End” button when you are ready to end your turn.

You can also use items either before or after rolling the battle dice.

Q. The symbol I got then vanished when the next turn started. Why?

All symbols gained in battle via battle dice rolls are reset with the exception of energy gained from energy symbols.
The symbols you gain are usually used up in that turn and do not carry over.

Q. The enemies are too tough. How do I beat them?

Adventurers level up and improve their stats by gaining experience.
Occasionally, they discover treasure “equipment” while exploring dungeons.
By leveraging these items, adventurers can strengthen their party by organizing them and equipping acquired gear, thereby increasing the overall combat effectiveness of the party and getting closer to clearing objectives.

Q. I used the same battle skill more than once but didn’t gain the effects multiple times. What’s wrong?

You cannot stack identical or similar effects (for effective turns or effect intensity) in this title.
The skill with the greater effect will overwrite the weaker skill.
Keep this in mind when using overlapping skills.

Q.Please tell me about various abnormal conditions.

single effect(UP):The stats value has increased by one.
single effect(DOWN):The stats value has decreased by one.
Shield:It reduces the damage from enemies.
Poison:You take damage at the end of the turn.
Stun:There is a certain probability of skill usage, attacks, or actions failing.
Darkness:The accuracy rate (DEX) decreases.
Petrify:You become unable to take any actions. Additionally, the damage received from enemies is increased by 1.2 times.
Regen:You recover HP at the end of the turn.
Resist:It has a chance to negate status effects inflicted by enemies.
Illusion:The attack target randomly changes, and it can target either an enemy or an ally.
Nullify Physical:It nullifies physical attacks.
Nullify Magic:It nullifies magical attacks.
Focus:When the enemy performs a single-target attack, there is a chance to redirect the attack towards oneself.

Party Formation

Q. Can I set a party formation with fewer than 6 adventurers?

You will not be able to finalize a party with less than 6 adventurers.
Always set party formations with at least 6 adventurers.

Q. Can I save more than one party formation?

You can only have one party; there is no way to edit and save multiple parties.

Q. How do I raise the number for my NFT bonus?

The NFT bonus values shown on the party formation screen are totals of the following.

  • a. NFT bonus values set for the adventurers in a party themselves.
  • b. NFT bonus values set for equipment used by adventurers in a party.

When calculating the NFT bonus value shown under a formation, the NFT bonus will increase if adventurers and equipment with higher NFT bonuses are set to the party formation.


Q. Are there any scholarships available?

At the time of release, there are no scholarships available for this content.
If scholarships are introduced in the future, we will notify you.

Q. What is a PlayMining ID?

This is an ID required for the services provided by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.
This ID is currently required to use PlayMining NFTs (https://daa.playmining.com/) and “Rogue Roll Ruler’s.”

Q. Why can’t I log in?

Please check whether you signed up with the correct email address.
Also be sure to check if you entered the one-time passcode from the email correctly, and the correct password.

Q. Why am I not receiving my sign-up email?

Please re-check whether you signed up with the correct email address.
If you have not received an email, try checking your spam folder.
Also check whether your email is set to receive messages from “noreply@playmining.com”, then attempt to re-send the email.

Q. Why can’t I use the monster feature?

The monster feature is currently locked.
We appreciate your patience until the feature is unlocked.

Q. How do I regenerate stamina?

You can regenerate stamina in either of the following ways.

  • • Natural recovery over time.
  • • Recovery by using items.

Q. Are you planning any collaborations with other content providers?

We do not currently have any collaboration plans.

Q. I want to play from my mobile device but can’t press the button to start the game on the title screen. Why is this?

Changing your browser settings allows the game to run properly in some cases.
Place a check by “PC website/Desktop site” on your browser settings menu, and then try restarting your browser.
If this does not correct the issue, please contact us with the type of device you are using from the Contact field.

Q. When launching the app on an iOS device (Safari), a gray bar appears at the bottom of the screen when in landscape mode.

Please try adding the app to your home screen by clicking the share icon and selecting ‘Add to Home Screen.’ Launching it from there may result in proper functionality.

Q. Why can’t I use this NFT I bought in this game?

Please try clicking the “Refresh NFT data” button in Rogue Roll Ruler’s options, in order to sync with your wallet.

Q. Can I use NFTs from this game in other games?

NFTs from this game are not currently usable in other games.

Q. Is there an official community hub?

Please see our official Discord channel (https://discord.com/invite/UcEAuyZGCV) and official X account(https://twitter.com/R3_GAME_EN)for our official community hub.

Q. Is there an app version of this game?

This game does not have an app version. It is only available in browsers.

Q.Terms of Service

You can read the terms of service for this game from the following link.
Terms of Use

Q. What about the Privacy Policy?

You can read the game’s privacy policy from the following link.
Privacy Policy

Q. Contact Us

If the FAQ does not answer your questions or resolve an issue, please contact us from the form below.
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Note that we are unable to address questions regarding gameplay.