Notice 2024/6/14  

[Geso-ten] Adventurer NFT Gacha (Limited to Gacha Tickets)

Notice 2024/6/13  

Details of Adventurer NFT Gacha (Huram)

Notice 2024/6/13  

Details of the Secret Gacha

Notice 2024/6/6

Notification of Completion of Regular Maintenance

Notice 2024/6/6

Details of Adventurer NFT Gacha (Ka=Tarja)

First, you’ll need allies if you’re going treasure hunting.
Speak with 6 adventurers to form a party,
and make contracts with them to adventure together.

Each adventurer has a second-to-none special move.
Skilled combinations of these special moves will let you build a team
that can explore dungeons without a hitch!

Dungeons are filled with savage monsters that stand in the way of adventurers.

Work with the adventurers you have contracts with to take down the monsters and proceed.

Monsters may not be the only trouble your party faces.

The route to the treasure is dangerous,
and the terrain itself also poses all kinds of hazards.

Use your adventurers’ special skills and sometimes a bit of luck
to make your way to the bottom of the dungeon.