Notice 2023/8/18

How to Play “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” and Earn/Spend DEP

We are pleased to provide you with an overview of the new PlayMining game “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” (hereinafter referred to as “R3”) and details about earning and spending DEP.

■ Introduction and explanation of DEP and DCC

Earning DEP
In R3, you can earn in-game coins called DCC by playing the game. 1 DCC can be exchanged for 1 DEAPcoin (DEP), a cryptocurrency.

DEAPcoin (DEP) is listed on various domestic and international cryptocurrency exchanges and can be exchanged into fiat currency.

-Cryptocurrency Exchanges (Japan): BITPOINTOKCoinJapanBitTradeZaif, etc.
-Cryptocurrency Exchanges (Global): Gate.ioOKX, etc.

▼ What’s DCC?
“DCC” is a coin that can be acquired in the game, primarily intended for exchange with DEP. Note that additional utilities might be added at a later time.

In R3, DCC will be automatically exchanged to DEP at specific intervals.
Exchange periods can be checked within the game.

How to Play
In R3, it’s possible to earn DEP even in the Free to Play (NFT not purchased) mode. The main methods to earn DEP in the game are as follows:
*To receive DEP, it’s necessary to create a PlayMining wallet provided by DEA. Please check here for the instructions how to create a wallet.
⇒ How to Create a Wallet

1.Earn by progressing through dungeons in the game:
Roll dice and advance through the dungeon based on the rolled number.

⇒Earn DCC when reaching the goal for each stage.
⇒Adding Character NFTs to your party increases the DCC earned.
⇒Acquired DCC will be automatically exchanged to DEP at regular intervals.

2.Earn by NFTizing the in-game acquired equipment and selling them:
Explore dungeons to get equipment.

⇒NFTize (activate) the acquired equipment.
⇒Setting up Characters with NFTized equipment increases DCC acquisition rate
 and additional parameters.
⇒NFTized equipment can also be resold on PlayMining NFT.

DCC Exchange Limit
The “maximum amount of DCC that can be exchanged” is set for each exchange of DCC earned in the game, and even if you have more than the maximum amount of DCC, only the maximum amount of DCC will be automatically exchanged for DEP.

*The excess DCC beyond the exchange limit will not disappear; it will be carried over for future exchanges.

If you have less DCC than the exchange limit, all the DCC you have will be exchanged to DEP.

Please note that the exchange limit may vary due to events and other factors.

You can check the exchange limit for the next exchange deadline on the same screen as the exchange date. Please make sure to check it when the period is updated.

*Exchanges are conducted at a rate of 1 DCC = 1 DEP. Also, the exchange limit and the schedule of seasons will be announced for each season.

◇Reasons for setting the exchange limit:

  1. Ensuring the stable operation of the DEP ecosystem.
  2. Maintaining balance within the game, including usage and game difficulty.
  3. Preventing the risk of a massive DEP outflow due to fraudulent activities.

Based on the above, an exchange limit for DCC ⇒ DEP is established for each season.

■ Introduction and Explanation of Various NFTs

-Character NFTs
Character NFTs are mainly formed into parties and undertake adventures on behalf of the Player. They come in various types: those adept at smooth dungeon progress and those skilled at defeating monsters that obstruct players.

Compared to the 6 non-NFT Characters initially given when starting the game, Character NFTs sold on the PlayMining NFT have various strengths, special skills, and useful features. Character NFTs have “Battle Skills” for battling monsters and “Dungeon Skills” for benefiting in dungeon maps.

In summary, the features of Character NFTs are:

-Can be formed into parties for dungeon exploration.
-Have various strengths for dungeon exploration or battles, etc.
-Increase the DCC acquisition multiplier during dungeon exploration.
-Possess powerful skills and stats advantageous for explorations,
significantly altering exploration speed and difficulty.
-Equipment NFTs

Equipment NFTs are a highlight of R3. Players can get equipment in dungeons, “NFTize (activate)” them using DEP, and then resell the equipment NFTs on PlayMining NFT. NFTized equipment NFTs come with bonuses that alter DCC acquisition multiplier, additional parameters, and effects, strengthening the Characters further.

You can only purchase NFTs through resales, and the equipment placed in dungeons is also limited. So, strive to acquire rare equipment faster than other Players.

*Important Note
The equipment has a “durability value” that decreases with each use. When the durability decreases, the additional parameters, effects, and bonuses for earning more DCC, which were granted upon NFTization, will no longer function.

When the durability value diminishes:

By using the acquired DCC, you can restore the durability value, rejuvenating the equipment to a brand-new state. Naturally, the additional effects granted upon NFTize will be reinstated.

During the service launch, as a support event for the new Players, there will be a campaign where the durability of equipment does not decrease for a specific period.

*The effect that equipment’s endurance value will not be reduced will be limited to this event only.

The end period of the event will be announced in a new announcement.

The features of NFTized Equipment NFTs:

-Additional adjustments and effects beyond non-NFT equipment’s parameter adjustments.
-Increased DCC acquisition multiplier during dungeon exploration.
-Strong skills and stats for advantageous explorations,
altering dungeon exploration speed and difficulty significantly.
-NFTized equipment NFTs can be resold on PlayMining NFT.
-The equipment has durability, and when the durability reaches zero,
the additional effects upon NFTization become inactive.
-Durability can be restored by using DCC.

Each Character has up to 6 equipment slots, allowing for higher DCC acquisition multipliers if all equipment is NFTized. Higher rarity equipment generally yields higher DCC acquisition efficiency, so explore dungeons and acquire rare equipment.

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