Notice 2024/6/27

[Geso-ten] Details of NFT Guaranteed Gacha

Gacha Event Duration

2024/06/27 (Thu) 06:00 ~ 2024/07/04 (Thu) 02:59 (UTC)

※Implemented only for Gesoten version

Gacha Overview

You are sure to win an adventurer NFT!
This is a gacha that can be used with NFT Guaranteed Gacha Ticket.

Click here for detailed character spec information!

※Please check the in-game offer rate for the prize lineup and drop rates.

Gacha Price

1 gacha spin:1 NFT Guaranteed Gacha Ticket
10 gacha spins:10 NFT Guaranteed Gacha Tickets

※NFT Guaranteed Gacha Ticket can be purchased in the in-game shop.

Adventurer NFT


The battle skill is to defend allies until the next turn,
significantly boosting the DEF and RES of all allies for 2 turns!
Moreover, there is a 75% chance to grant all allies physical immunity for 1 turn!
This adventurer specializes in defense!


Battle skill enhances high-powered physical attacks and increases own ATK by 100%!
This further strengthens the next attack!!

Gacha Notes

・The items obtained from the gacha are “Introduction Letter,” which can be exchanged for adventurer NFTs.
Adventurer NFTs are not directly obtained from the gacha.
・You can exchange “Introduction Letter” for adventurer NFTs through the item screen.
・If the number of any”Introduction Letter” reaches zero, the gacha will end even if the event period is still ongoing.