Notice 2023/10/27

Equipment Synthesis Function and Equipment Durability

Thank you very much for always playing R3.

Prior to the implementation of the functionality, we would like to provide a quick overview to all our users.

■Equipment Synthesis Function
This feature allows you to synthesize non-NFT versions of the equipment you already own with your NFT equipment. Synthesis requires the use of DEP, and the material equipment will be consumed in the process. However, this will result in an increase in various parameters and NFT bonus values for your NFT equipment. Let’s enhance your favorite equipment even further!

■Equipment Durability
Initially, we had scheduled the ‘Unlimited Equipment Durability CP’ to end on November 2nd, but due to its popularity, we will be extending it until the implementation of equipment durability!

Regarding durability, when you repeatedly explore while equipped with NFT state equipment, the equipment’s durability will decrease. When the durability reaches 0, the ‘NFT Active Additional Parameters,’ ‘NFT Equipment Effects,’ and ‘NFT Bonuses’ become inactive. The decreased durability can be repaired using DCC.

We are planning to implement the two features mentioned above in November. We will provide detailed information in the coming days, and we appreciate your patience.

We kindly ask for your continued support for R3 in the future.