Notice 2023/8/30

◆Director’s Letter Vol.5

This is [CG]Ito, the director of the Rogue Roll Ruler’s development team.

I am here to deliver Director’s Letter Vol.5.
We are currently holding pre-sale event!
Hope everyone had a chance to visit the marketplace.
But we have noticed that there is a lack of information in various places and we deeply feel the need for clarification on certain topics.

Therefore I would like to provide supplementary information and guidance on “Dungeon Skills”, so if you are considering purchasing a Character NFT, please take a moment and read this letter!

▼Dungeon Skills
You may have questions such as “What is this skill?” and “What effect does it have?” on the Marketplace, so here are the names and effects of each:

[Treasure Detection]
When activated, the number of steps (squares) to the nearest “square where you can get an item” is displayed.

While under this effect, if the player stop on a Monster Square, the player will always have the first move.

Makes it harder to be affected by status abnormalities for a certain number of turns.

[Iron Shoes]
Reduces damage from “Minus Squares”.

[Griffin Wings n (number)]
The player can choose to move additional number of squares indicated after the name “Griffin Wings” on top of the number of the dice roll.
If the number of squares before the addition is better, the player can choose not to add.

[Energy Charge n (number)]
While under this effect, if the player stops on a Monster Square, the player can gain extra energy (the specified number) during the first Battle Dice Roll.

Most of the Character NFTs currently on sale have one of the above, so we thought it would be helpful to consider these when thinking “Maybe this is strong?” or “Should I put it in my party?”.

That’s all for this time.

Thank you for reading till the end!