Notice 2023/8/22

◆Director’s Letter Vol.4


This is [CG] Ito, the directors of the Rogue Roll Ruler’s development team.

I am here to deliver Director’s Letter Vol.4.

Firstly, I had the pleasure of joining the PlayMiningChannel on 8/17. Reading comments from all of you who are eagerly looking forward to it, I felt a renewed determination to give it my all.
The archive is available, so if you were not able to watch it in real time, please watch it here!

This time, I will focus mainly on announcements.

◆ Pre-sale Commemorative NFT Giveaway Campaign ◆

The application period is still ongoing!

Please visit the campaign page above and for those who meet the criteria, we will give away equipment NFTs that are not available in the presale to 100 lucky winners! We hope you will participate!

◆ Hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) ◆

On 8/22, from 11:00 (UTC), we will be holding an AMA on X space to commemorate the pre-sale.
For this AMA, we are accepting questions, so please feel free to send us your questions by filling out the form below!

We eagerly await your questions and participation.

◆ Pre-sale Purchase Benefits ◆

During the pre-sale period, those who purchase a certain amount of NFTs or more will receive luxurious prizes! This applies to everyone who meets the criteria, so we hope you will consider making a purchase.
※ You can find more details in the following article:

Announcement of the “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” Pre-Sale
We are excited to bring you information about the pre-sale of PlayMining’s new game title, “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” (hereinafter referred to as…

We eagerly await your questions and participation.

Although this letter is mainly about announcements, we also plan to share some interesting tidbits in the future. Thank you for your ongoing support for R3!
Thank you for reading!