Notice 2023/8/8

◆Director’s Letter Vol.3


This is [CG] Ito, the directors of the Rogue Roll Ruler’s development team.

I am here to deliver Director’s Letter Vol.3.

This time, I would like to talk about the world view of ”Rogue Roll Ruler’s”.
The game is set in a rural area of medieval Europe, inspired by the countryside of Norway. We aimed to create an atmosphere of tranquility and pastoral beauty, where dungeons that should be feared somehow harmonize with the surroundings.

In this world, two nations, the Kingdom and the Empire, play a central role. While they were once in conflict, they are currently pursuing a cooperative path. Therefore, the exploration team has people from both countries.

We have designed the characters with an awareness of differences such as region and birthplace, which are reflected in their appearances. We would be delighted if players could enjoy guessing things like “Which country is this adventurer from?” or “What is this adventurer’s background, even though he doesn’t seem to have any particular features?” lol.

With this world view in mind, we hope that when you explore dungeons, read about various adventurers, equipment, and item flavors, you will experience a different kind of enjoyment that goes beyond your first impression.

Before the content release, there will be opportunities to learn about adventurers in advance through presales. So, please take the above into account and enjoy the world we have embedded!

That’s all for this time!

We plan to provide you with even more game information, not only through the Director’s Letter, so please continue to support “Rogue Roll Ruler’s”!
Thank you for reading!