Notice 2024/4/3

Details of NFT Guaranteed Gacha

Gacha Event Duration

2024/04/04 (Thu) 06:00 ~ 2024/04/11 (Thu) 02:59 (UTC)

Gacha Overview

You are sure to win an adventurer NFT!
This is a gacha that can be spun using Geso Coin.

Click here for detailed character spec information!

※Please check the in-game offer rate for the prize lineup and drop rates.

Gacha Price

1 gacha spin:2,800 Geso Coin
10 gacha spins:26,600 Geso Coin  5%OFF !

Adventurer NFT


The battle skill is a high multiplier physical attack!
Perfect as the main attacker of the party, without any shortcomings!


The battle skill triples the acquisition of Energy Symbols on the next turn!
The party’s skill rotation rate dramatically increases!


The battle skill increases DEF and RES of all allies by 50%!
Making the party’s defense even stronger!


The battle skill is a magic attack with variable multiplier depending on the number of acquired Blank Symbols!
It’s a quirky skill, but its maximum firepower is unmatched!


The battle skill inflicts a high multiplier poison with low probability!
Poison deals percentage damage ignoring the enemy’s defense!!


The battle skill grants single ally a 3-turn regeneration!
Perfect for supporting tanks!


The battle skill increases ATK and DEX of all allies for 3 turns!
It’s possible to boost the party’s firepower!


The battle skill heals all allies by 200% of own INT!
It’s a valuable healer role!!


The battle skill is a low-cost guaranteed hit attack!


The battle skill slightly increases the GOLD acquired at the end of battle!


The battle skill increases DEF and RES of all allies based on the number of acquired Shield Symbols until the next turn!

Gacha Notes

・The items obtained from the gacha are “Introduction Letter,” which can be exchanged for adventurer NFTs.
Adventurer NFTs are not directly obtained from the gacha.
・You can exchange “Introduction Letter” for adventurer NFTs through the item screen.
・If the number of any”Introduction Letter” reaches zero, the gacha will end even if the event period is still ongoing.