Notice 2023/11/10

Equipment Synthesis Function and Equipment Durability Vol.2

Thank you very much for always playing R3.

Before proceeding with the implementation of the functionality, we would like to promptly communicate the detailed specifications and associated costs to all of our users.

■Equipment Synthesis Function
This feature allows you to merge non-NFT versions of equipment with the NFT versions of equipment in your possession.
The synthesis process utilizes DEP, and the equipment used as materials will be consumed. However, through synthesis, the parameters of the equipment NFT and the NFT bonus values will increase.
There is a limit to the number of synthesis attempts.

Let’s further enhance your favorite equipment!

The cost and NFT bonus increase value per synthesis attempt.

cost(DEP)RarityNFT bonus increase value

Please note that the increase in parameters varies depending on each equipment.

■Equipment Durability
We had planned to implement the durability feature in November, but we will postpone its implementation for further improvements. The “Equipment Durability Unlimited CP” will also continue until the implementation of equipment durability.

Durability is not dependent on rarity, and the maximum durability value is “300”. In the NFT state, after each battle with a monster, the durability decreases by “1” at the end of the battle.
When durability reaches 0, the “NFT Active Additional Parameters” and “NFT Equipment Effects” become inactive. Durability that has become inactive can be restored using DCC.

Cost for repairing durability 1.


Regarding the equipment synthesis feature, we plan to implement it within November. As for the equipment durability feature, the implementation timing is currently undecided. Additionally, please be aware that the costs and specifications mentioned above may be subject to change without prior notice as they are still in development.

We kindly ask for your continued support for R3 in the future.