Notice 2024/3/22

Announcement of Function Renewal Plans

Thank you very much for always playing Rogue Roll Ruler’s.

After April, we plan to renew the following functions.
Please note that the content is still under development and subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.

▼DCC Exchange Function Renewal
Scheduled Implementation Date::2024/04/11(Thu)

Currently, we have a uniform ‘Exchange Limit’ in place, however, moving forward, the ‘Exchange Limit’ for each user will fluctuate based on the total NFT bonus accumulated by individual users.
The ratio will be calculated based on the total NFT bonus of all users eligible for exchange, with the result reflected in the ‘Exchange Limit’ for each user.
※ The total NFT bonus includes adventurers NFTs and equipment NFTs not currently in party formation.
※ It also includes NFT bonus values increased through equipment synthesis.
※ Even if there are no changes in a user’s total NFT bonus, the ‘Exchange Limit’ will fluctuate if there are changes for other users.

Furthermore, we will add the ‘Exchange Permission’ checkbox feature.
Only users with the ‘Exchange Permission’ checkbox enabled will be able to perform DCC exchanges. Previously, DCC was automatically exchanged to zero before accumulating, preventing users from utilizing DCC for content that requires it.
With this update, users will be able to accumulate and use DCC.
※Users can choose to enable or disable the checkbox at their discretion.

We will also set the ‘Minimum Exchange Requirement’.
If your DCC balance is below the ‘Minimum Exchange Requirement’ during an exchange, the balance will be carried over to the next exchange.
※If you have the ‘Minimum Exchange Requirement’ or more during the next exchange, it will be eligible for exchange.

▼Addition of Market Function to Expedition Team Feature
Scheduled Implementation Date::2024/05

We will be adding a ‘Market Function’ to the Expedition Team feature, allowing users to buy and sell non-NFT equipment using DCC among themselves. Further details will be provided at a later date. Please stay tuned for updates.

Continued support for R3 is appreciated.