Events 2023/12/7

New Adventurer NFT Purchase Campaign is underway!

Thank you for playing Rogue Roll Ruler’s. In conjunction with the implementation of [St.]Reglian and [St.]Kahsha, we are pleased to announce a new adventurer NFT purchase campaign!

▼Campaign Period
 2023/12/07 (Thu) 06:00 ~ 2023/12/19 (Tue) 14:59 (UTC)

 ・Users who have purchased [St.]Reglian or [St.]Kahsha in the marketplace.
 ・Users whose total purchase amount during the specified period exceeds a certain amount.

*Eligible for purchases made exclusively through PlayMining NFT ‘OFFICIAL STORE’ (first sale).

 ・Purchase of [St.]Reglian or [St.]Kahsha:Magic Tome -Mastery-(Rare装備NFT)
 ・Total purchase amount during the period exceeding 500,000 DEP:Elite Guard Spear(Uncommon装備NFT)
 ・Total purchase amount during the period exceeding 1 million DEP:Grandia(Rare装備NFT)

※We will distribute all rewards to those who meet the criteria.
Even if you purchase multiple eligible adventurers or if your total purchase amount exceeds 1.5 million DEP, the distribution of the bonus equipment NFT will be limited to one each.

▼Scheduled distribution
 2023/12/21 (Thu) During maintenance

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us through the official website or the in-game contact option

We kindly ask for your continued support for R3 in the future. Thank you!