Notice 2023/11/2

Maintenance Completion Notification

Thank you very much for playing “Rogue Roll Ruler’s.”

Maintenance has been completed as scheduled on November 2, 2023 (Thursday).

▼Announcement Regarding Maintenance and Updates

Balance adjustments for some NFT adventurers.
We have made skill adjustments for the following NFT adventurers.
  Dungeon skills
   Before change:Grant 1 Energy Charge to party
   After change:Grant 2 Energy Charge to party

  Battle skills
   Before change:10% chance to inflict Poison on an enemy (3 turn(s)), Decrease an enemy’s AGI by 30% (2 turn(s))
   After change:30% chance to inflict Poison on an enemy (2 turn(s)), Decrease an enemy’s AGI by 30% (2 turn(s))
Now, there is a 30% chance to inflict poison on enemies! Thilo’s poison deals damage equal to 10% of the enemy’s maximum HP and is potent!

  Dungeon skills
   Before change:Grant 20% Iron Shoes to party (1 turn(s))
   After change:Grant 40% Iron Shoes to party (1 turn(s))
Now you can reduce the damage from troublesome damage tiles by 40%!

Balancing adjustments for the 3rd floor (3-12 to 3-20)
We have adjusted the overall difficulty of levels 3-12 to 3-20 on the 3rd floor.

・Extension of the event dungeon ‘the Secret Side
Event Duration: From October 26, 2023, to November 9, 2023, at 2:59 AM.
We have extended the event dungeon ‘the Secret Side’ until the aforementioned date and time

・Shop items have been updated.
We have restocked the event dungeon pack.
 【Limited edition】・Sprinting Special Package
 【Limited edition】・Sprinting Special Package[Medium]
 【Limited edition】・Sprinting Special Package[Large]

・Client Version Update
We have addressed ongoing bug fixes and made minor improvements. Details will be provided separately.

※Regarding the client’s version upgrade, please note that if you do not restart the game upon the first launch after the upgrade, an error may occur. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we kindly request that you close the game screen before the maintenance begins. Thank you for your cooperation.

Continuing, we kindly ask for your continued support with R3.