Notice 2023/10/5

Maintenance Completion Notification

Thank you very much for playing “Rogue Roll Ruler’s.”

Maintenance has been completed as scheduled on October 5, 2023 (Thursday).

▼Announcement Regarding Maintenance and Updates

New NFT Adventurer Additions
We have added four new NFT adventurers.

New Stage Added
We have added stages 3-14 and 3-15 to the third tier.

・Restocking of Some Shop Purchase Items and Addition of New Products
The following products have been added.
 【Permanent】・Stamina Feather Set of 5
 【Permanent】・Stamina Feather Bundle Set of 5
 【Permanent】・Stamina Feather Box
 【Permanent】・Scapegoat Doll
 【Limited edition】・Event Special Package
 【Limited edition】・Event Stimulate packages[Small]
 【Limited edition】・Event Stimulate packages[Medium]
 【Limited edition】・Event Stimulate packages[Large]

・Special Promotion
 Double Gold Acquisition Inside Dungeons
 The amount of Gold you can earn in battles, tile events, and more within dungeons will be doubled.
 Starter Dash CP
 You will receive 1.5 times the DCC when defeating monsters.

・Client Version Update
We have conducted updates to various screens and addressed some minor issues.
Map Screen:
 Adjustment of various animation timings
Battle Screen:
 Display of monster levels
 Changes related to battle skills.

We have received feedback from all of you, and first of all, we have improved the procedure and display aspects when using battle skills!

Before the improvement:
1.Select the skill button.
2.The list of skills is displayed, choose one.
3.A confirmation dialog for using the skill appears.
4.Select and confirm your choice.

After the improvement:
1.Select the skill button.
2.Just like during attacks and healing, a yellow frame appears around each adventurer.
3.Choose the adventurer you want to use the skill for.

4.A confirmation dialog for using the skill appears.
5.Select and confirm your choice.

Previously, it could be cumbersome to use skills consecutively, and there was a need to adjust party composition to favor adventurers who used skills frequently. This will no longer be necessary! Moving forward, we will continue to welcome your feedback and make improvements and adjustments as possible. Please feel free to share your thoughts if you notice anything.

Additionally, we have made minor bug fixes.

※Regarding the client’s version upgrade, please note that if you do not restart the game upon the first launch after the upgrade, an error may occur. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we kindly request that you close the game screen before the maintenance begins. Thank you for your cooperation.

Continuing, we kindly ask for your continued support with R3.