Notice 2024/3/27

Details of Adventurer NFT Gacha

Gacha Event Duration

2024/03/28 (Thu) 07:00 ~ 2024/04/04 (Thu) 02:59 (UTC)

Gacha Overview

This is a gacha that can be spun using DEP.

※Please check the in-game offer rate for the prize lineup and drop rates.

Gacha Price

1 gacha spin:250.00 DEP
10 gacha spins:2,500.00 DEP

Adventurer NFT


Battle skill inflicts high-damage magic attack and significantly decreases enemy DEF and RES!
There’s no doubt that follow-up attacks will become even more powerful after using this skill!!


The battle skill unleashes a magic attack whose potency varies based on the number of acquired blank symbols!
While it’s an eccentric skill, its maximum firepower is unquestionable!

Gacha Notes

・The items obtained from the gacha are “Introduction Letter,” which can be exchanged for adventurer NFTs.
Adventurer NFTs are not directly obtained from the gacha.
・You can exchange “Introduction Letter” for adventurer NFTs through the item screen.
・If the number of any”Introduction Letter” reaches zero, the gacha will end even if the event period is still ongoing.