Notice 2024/2/28

Details of Valentine’s Gacha – Overtime –

▼Gacha Event Duration

2024/02/29 (Thu) 06:00 ~ 2024/03/07 (Thu) 02:59 (UTC)

Gacha Overview

This is a gacha that can be spun using “Heart Chocolates” obtained from the “Valentine Dungeon” event.
It’s specifically for users who weren’t able to consume them during the event period.

※Please check the in-game offer rate for the prize lineup and drop rates.

Gacha Price

1 gacha spin:Heart Chocolates ×10
10 gacha spins:Heart Chocolates ×100

▼Gacha Precautions
The gacha-exclusive item “Heart Chocolates” can be sold. After the end of this gacha, it can be used as a cash-in item.