Notice 2024/7/4

Notification of Completion of Regular Maintenance

Thank you very much for playing “Rogue Roll Ruler’s.”

We have completed the maintenance as scheduled.

※The next maintenance is scheduled for 7/18.

▼Updates and Notifications Regarding Maintenance

・Limited-Time Gacha Now Available!
The following limited-time gachas will be available!
 ・Adventurer NFT Gacha (from 7/4)
 ・Adventurer NFT Gacha (from 7/11)
 ・Secret Gacha(from 7/11)

Event Dungeon Now Open!
For a limited time (from 7/11), the event dungeon “Secret Snowy Road” will be available!

Main Dungeon Event!
From 7/4 to 7/18, the equipment drop rate in the main dungeon will be increased by 1.5 times!

Expedition Event Underway!
For a limited time, the expedition event “Fault of Breeze” will be available!

・Client Version Upgrade
We have implemented a feature in the system menu that allows you to review the tutorial.
Additionally, when the battle skill “Protect” is activated, the adventurer now moves in front of the ally they are protecting.

※Please check the in-game notices for details.
※Please restart the game due to a client version update.

Continuing, we kindly ask for your continued support with R3.