Notice 2024/5/23

Notification of Completion of Regular Maintenance

Thank you very much for playing “Rogue Roll Ruler’s.”

We have completed the maintenance as scheduled.

※The next maintenance is scheduled for 6/6.

▼Updates and Notifications Regarding Maintenance

・Limited-Time Gacha Now Available!
The following limited-time gachas are now available!
 ・[Geso Ten Exclusive] NFT Guaranteed Gacha
 ・[PlayMining Exclusive] Premium DCC Gacha
 ・Adventurer NFT Gacha(5/30~)

The flip side Vol.2 Now Open!
The event dungeon The flip side Vol.2 is now open for a limited time!
Gather event items called ‘Inscriptions’ to complete the event story!

Mission Event underway!
Missions will be available for a limited time from 5/30 to 6/6.

Client Version Upgrade
We have addressed some issues and made minor fixes.

※Please check the in-game notices for details.
※Please restart the game due to a client version update.

Continuing, we kindly ask for your continued support with R3.