Important 2024/6/28

[Important] Notice of PlayMining Version Service Termination

Thank you very much for playing Rogue Roll Ruler’s.

We regret to inform you that the PlayMining version of Rogue Roll Ruler’s will be terminated at 2024/07/31 (Wed) 3:00 (UTC).
We deeply apologize for the sudden notice to our valued customers who have been using our service regularly.

Since the service started, we have been striving daily to provide a better service. However, due to factors such as changes in the external environment, we have concluded that it will be difficult to continue providing a satisfactory service to our customers. Therefore, we have decided to terminate the service.

We sincerely thank our customers for their continued patronage and deeply apologize for this announcement.

■DCC to DEP Exchange

Until the service ends, the exchanges will be conducted at the following times:
・2024/07/04 (Thu) 3:00~6:00 (UTC)
・2024/07/18 (Thu) 3:00~6:00 (UTC)
・2024/07/31 (Wed) 3:00~6:00 (UTC)
※Those who have not linked their wallet are not eligible for the exchange.
※Those who have not checked the exchange permission are not eligible for the exchange.
※Those who have not logged in for over 30 days are not eligible for the exchange.
※Please note that any DCC that exceeds the exchange limit will be forfeited.

■About Rogue Roll Ruler’s NFTs

The Adventurer NFTs and Equipment NFTs owned in your PlayMining version Rogue Roll Ruler’s account can be airdropped to your Gesoten version Rogue Roll Ruler’s account.
If you wish to do so, please contact us through the inquiry form with your PlayMining ID and Gesoten ID by the end of the service.
Please note that in-game currency, items, etc., other than NFTs cannot be transferred.
Only NFTs held as of 2024/07/31 (Wed) 3:00 (UTC), are eligible for the airdrop.
The airdrop of NFTs will be processed after the service ends.

There are two ways to check your Gesoten ID:

  1. The number in the profile within the Gesoten version of R3.
  2. The number in the game ID found in the user information on the Gesoten website.

Please read the following important points:

※Please ensure that the Gesoten ID you provide has played the Gesoten version of R3 at least once.
※Please note that NFTs listed for secondary sale (USERS) on PlayMining NFT are not eligible for the airdrop.
※NFTs purchased on the market after the service ends are not eligible for the airdrop.
※Applications submitted via the form after the service ends are not eligible for the airdrop.
※NFT airdrop support will be handled individually in sequence, so it will take some time to complete.
※NFTs on PlayMining will not disappear even after the airdrop is completed.

There is about one month left until the service stops, but we will continue to operate so that everyone can enjoy it until the end.
Thank you for your continued support.