Notice 2024/1/18

Notification of Completion of Regular Maintenance

Thank you very much for playing Rogue Roll Ruler’s.

We have completed the maintenance as scheduled.

Updates and Notifications Regarding Maintenance

The new feature “Expedition” has been implemented
We have implemented a new feature called “Expedition”!
You can access the Expedition screen from the dedicated icon in the header of the screen.
Send out your expedition party and claim expedition rewards! For more details, please check the in-game announcements.

New Year Dungeon Reward Distribution
In the event that took place from 2024/01/01 to 2024/01/11, the rewards corresponding to the number of “New Year Medals (2024)” collected have been distributed.
※ Rewards have been distributed directly to your item box.

▼List of Rewards

Number of MedalsReward Details
5Beginner’s Book×10
25Intermediate Book×10
50Advanced Book×10
75Healing Potion [L]×5
100Stamina Feather×2
125Scapegoat Doll×1, Healing Circle×1
150Proof of Being Undefeated×1, Healing Circle×1
200Stamina Feather [Bundle]×2, Healing Circle×1
250Monster Fangs×15, Monster Bones×15, Lumpy Meat×15, Hijacker Moss Carcass×15, Sharp Thorns×15
300Venerable Tea Set×8, Shining Disc×8, Empty Locket×8,Exotic Map×8, High-Quality Fur×8
400Sound Box×2, King’s Portrait×2, Send-Off Cloth×2, Low Magic Medium×2, Voice Without Sound×2
500Stamina Feather [Box]×2, Gold Bar×5

Adjustment of Main Dungeon Rewards
We have made adjustments to add equipment to the monster defeat rewards on stages 1 to 11 of the 3rd tier.
We have also adjusted the DCC rewards for both monster defeats and reaching the goal on all stages of the 1st to 3rd tiers.

Shop Item Update
We have started selling the following product!
 ・Time Warp Clock
 ・Expedition Implementation Celebration Pack

We have concluded the sale of the following product.
 ・Stamina Feather Set of 5
 ・Stamina Feather Bundle Set of 5
 ・Stamina Feather Box

Client Version Upgrade
We have addressed issues and made minor fixes.
Details will be provided separately.

※Regarding the client’s version upgrade, please note that if you do not restart the game upon the first launch after the upgrade, an error may occur. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we kindly request that you close the game screen before the maintenance begins. Thank you for your cooperation.

Continuing, we kindly ask for your continued support with R3.