Notice 2024/3/5

Notice of Regular Maintenance

Thank you very much for playing “Rogue Roll Ruler’s.”

On 2024/03/07 (Thu) 3:00 to 6:00 (UTC), we will be conducting regular maintenance. Please note that during maintenance, you will not be able to log in or play the game.

▼Updates and Announcements During Maintenance

Client version update
This update addresses currently detected and supported minor issues.

・the Secret Side Revival Event!
the Secret Side is making a comeback!
We’ll also be adding one more stage with increased difficulty!
Please check the post-maintenance notice for details.

・Limited-Time Gacha Now Available!
A limited-time gacha is coming soon!
Please stay tuned for details.

・Dungeon Entry Restriction Implemented!
We’re changing the display of “Recommended Total Combat Power” on the dungeon selection screen to “Required Total Combat Power” and adding some new features.
You’ll now need to have a party with a total combat power equal to or greater than the “Required Total Combat Power” to challenge the corresponding dungeon.
With the above renewal, we’ll also be adjusting the rewards for each dungeon.
Please check the post-maintenance notice for more details.

There will be no DCC exchange during this maintenance.

※ Regarding the client version update Upon the first launch after updating the version, an error may occur if the game is not restarted. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please close the game screen before the maintenance begins. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support of R3.