Notice 2023/9/6

R3’s Expected DEP Acquisition Amount Revealed!

R3 allows you to earn DEP even if you don’t own NFTs.

However, if you do own Character NFTs, you can earn more efficiently.
That’s obvious, so we’ll provide information on how much you can actually earn!

First, there are four ways to earn points in R3:

When clearing a dungeon stageHigh
When defeating a monster in battleMedium
When opening a treasure chest in the dungeonLow
Rewards from limited-time events, etc.Very High

Let’s exclude option ④ due to its high degree of uncertainty and focus on options ①, ②, and ③, which are frequently encountered during regular gameplay. How much you can earn in a month with these options, I’ll tell you now.

The estimated monthly DEP reward amount as a base, assuming you do not own any NFTs, is as follows.

base100%42.00~518.40 DEP

The estimated monthly DEP reward amount, augmented by NFT bonuses for each rarity, is as follows.

RarityNFT Bonus
Common35%14.70~181.44 DEP
Uncommon80%33.60~414.72 DEP
Rare450%189.00~2,332.80 DEP
Epic800%336.00~4,147.20 DEP
Legendary3000%1260.00~15,552.00 DEP

For example, if you own one Legendary Character NFTs, you would add the base amount to the Legendary bonus, resulting in a range of 1,302.00 to 16,070.40 DEP.

Points to note:
・The amount of DEP you can earn greatly depends on the user’s playstyle and the outcome of the dice, so the figures mentioned above are approximate estimates.
・In the game, you earn DCC as rewards, which are converted to DEP over a certain period (with a maximum limit for conversion at once).
・Reward amounts may be periodically adjusted and reviewed, so please keep this in mind.

Furthermore, acquiring equipment and turning them into NFTs to equip Characters will increase your rewards even more!
Utilize Character party composition, equipment, and items to progress through adventures advantageously.