Notice 2023/9/8

How to Earn Efficiently with R3!

R3 has NFT bonuses set for each rarity of adventurer NFTs.
NFT bonuses are higher for higher rarities, so the DCC (DEP) you can earn increases with higher rarity.

For example, let’s compare the scenario of buying 3 Epic adventurer NFTs for 300,000 DEP with buying 1 Legendary adventurer NFT.

■ When the DCC earned in dungeons is 100 DCC:
・ Epic Character: 3 NFTs ⇒ NFT Bonus 2400% (800% x 3) ⇒ 2,400 DCC earned
・ Legendary Character: 1 NFT ⇒ NFT Bonus 3000% ⇒ 3,000 DCC earned

You can see that higher rarity results in more DCC earned.

But wait, there’s more to R3!
You can earn even more efficiently by obtaining equipment NFTs.
The NFT bonuses for equipment NFTs are set higher than those for adventurer NFTs.

RarityDEP Required for NFTizationEquipment NFT Bonus
Common3,000 DEP20%
Uncommon12,000 DEP100%
Rare25,000 DEP250%
Epic60,000 DEP700%
Legendary100,000 DEP1400%

To make it easier to compare with the previous Character NFTs scenario, let’s consider a case where you NFT-ify and equip 3 Legendary pieces of gear.

■ When the DCC earned in dungeons is 100 DCC:
・ Legendary Equipment: 3 pieces ⇒ NFT Bonus 4200% (1400% x 3) ⇒ 4,200 DCC earned

Of course, obtaining high-rarity equipment can be challenging, but the joy of acquiring them is unparalleled!

While increasing your DCC earnings by equipping them is a good option, don’t forget that striking it rich is also possible by buying and selling rare equipment!

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