Important 2023/9/5

Regarding NFT Information Currently Available for Sale on PlayMiningNFT.

We apologize for the deficiencies in the information provided regarding the adventurers’ NFT information currently being sold on PlayMiningNFT.
We would like to address the missing display details in this announcement.

▼ Display of Required Battle Skill Costs ▼
We have received feedback from some users regarding the absence of the display for the costs required for adventurers’ battle skills on PlayMiningNFT.
While we are currently working on a temporary solution, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
For information about the battle skills that adventurers currently available for sale possess, please refer to the following details.
We apologize once again for any inconvenience caused. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support.

Yugil『Assassin Skill』Cost:2
Clairenier『Guardian [Crazy]』Cost:3
Nirgana『Heart of a Knight』Cost:4
Phalmar『Drop of Healing』Cost:6
Mila『Smile of a Goddess (Interference)』Cost:2
Tilo『Poison Shot』Cost:4
hah_yahga『The Frumious』Cost:5
Valem『They Who Stand on the Earth and Sing』Cost:3
Latria『Immortal Swordsmanship』Cost:3
theFool『Fool’s Footsteps』Cost:2

▼Regarding the wording of certain adventurer skills in English▼
In the skill “Drop of Healing” of Phalmar,
the referenced parameters were not included. We apologize.
Please note that the reference to the adventurer’s skill effect will be based on the value of “INT” (intelligence).
We would appreciate it if we could provide you with guidance on this matter at this time.

Original Wording:Recover 200% HP for all allies
Revised Wording:Recover INT by 200% HP for all allies

We extend our heartfelt apologies for any disruption caused.