Notice 2023/9/7

Notice of FAQ Updates

Thank you for visiting our site.
We have made some changes to our FAQ to reflect specifications changes in preparation for the release and to incorporate some of the questions we have received from our users.

Below, we have provided a brief summary of the changes for your reference:

Regarding DEAPcheck Description
In this content, we have transitioned to using DCC exclusively and no longer use DEAPcheck. As a result, we have updated and removed references to DEAPcheck.

Addition Regarding Rarity-Based Adventurer Stats and Relevance
Based on feedback from some of our users, we have added information addressing concerns about high-rarity adventurers having lower stats and parameter values than low-rarity ones.

・Notes on Interruption and Resumption Due to Specification Changes
Considering the overall game balance, if a game is interrupted during battle, the battle data from the interruption will be lost. We have added a note explaining this specification, indicating that resumption will occur from the point of reaching the same battle tile.

Supplementary Information on Skill Usage
In response to feedback from some of our users, we have addressed concerns about the inability to use skills despite having the required skill cost. Some skills, such as healing skills, have conditions for activation in addition to cost consumption.

・Other Corrections
We have made corrections to some parts containing errors.

FAQ page is available here.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate the warm feedback and support from our users, which enables us to continuously strive for improvement and provide a better service. We kindly request your continued support for R3.