Events 2023/8/23

Get In-Game Items with Pre-Sale Purchase Campaign

Throughout the pre-sale period, every participant who purchases NFTs above a certain amount will receive items usable in the game or equipment NFTs!

This is not a lottery; it’s a reward to everyone who purchase above the following amount!

Campaign period:
August 23, 2023, 8:00 (UTC) to September 13, 2023, 14:59 (UTC)

〈Entry Requirements〉
Based on the total amount of NFTs purchased within the pre-sale, users will receive the rewards listed in the table below.
We will also present rewards for the lower-tier conditions!

(Reward Example)
For those who purchase 300,000 DEP or more:
・5x of Item Stamina Feather
・5x of Item Stamina Feather[Bundle]
・5x of Item Stamina Feather[Box]
・3x of Item Equipment NFTs(Common)
We will present all four types as gifts.

*Eligible for purchases made only at PlayMining NFT “OFFICIAL STORE” (Primary Sale).
*Regarding purchase rewards, distribution will be scheduled for all eligible participants after the service begins.

<< About Equipment NFT >>
These NFTs can only be obtained within the game and at a low probability during dungeon exploration.
By ‘NFT-izing’ equipment NFTs within the game, you can conduct secondary sales on PlayMining NFT and receive acquisition bonuses similar to adventurer NFTs when acquiring DCC.
‘NFT-ization’ can be performed using DEP. The prices for each rarity are as follows.

RarityNeed DEP
Common 3,000DEP
Rare 25,000DEP
※The acquisition multiplier may vary depending on the rarity and the stage they are placed on.

Moreover, there are items that can only be obtained from chests placed in dungeons, items that can only be obtained when reaching the dungeon goal, and items that can only be obtained by defeating specific monsters. This means that some equipment may be difficult to obtain.

▼ The Performance of Equipment NFTs Matters Too
One of the main themes of R3 is ‘searching for equipment.’ Therefore, even for lower rarity levels, the parameters of the equipment should not be underestimated.
Equipping one piece of equipment may not make a significant difference, but even with Common-level equipment, a considerable increase in statistics can be expected.
Equipping equipment might change your battle approach and impression considerably, even when facing tough enemies.

In the next section, we will introduce some of the high rarity equipment that can be obtained in this campaign.

▼ Ghost Gauntlet (Bracers) ▼
Equipping this bracer increases the adventurer’s physical and magic defense!
Through NFTization, additional parameters are unlocked and, upon the equipped adventurer’s HP recovery, removes one status ailment from the entire team!

▼ Mirror of Hell (Two-Handed Weapon) ▼
Equipping this weapon increases the adventurer’s physical defense!
Through NFTization, additional parameters are unlocked and has a moderate chance of petrifying monsters!
(*Petrify = The affected target becomes immobilized and slightly more susceptible to damage during the effect.)

Don’t miss this opportunity!
Join the pre-sale and we look forward to seeing you!

Regarding the distribution schedule, please click here.

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