Notice 2023/7/12

◆Director’s Letter Vol. 1

We are the directors of the Rogue Roll Ruler’s development team, ITO and FURUTA.

We’d like to start off by presenting Director’s Letter Vol.1.

Our game, “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” is a dungeon exploration RPG where you advance through dungeons using dice and search for hidden treasures in the depths. We are currently working diligently towards its release in September 2023, aiming to create a game that everyone can enjoy!

The encounter with PlayMining was the trigger that led us to develop this game. Learning that there are games where you can play and earn real profits, and seeing how many people have benefited from them, we also wanted to create such a deam-like game!

Our company, Cross Games, has worked on numerous games in the past, but we distinctly remember feeling excited about creating a completely new genre of game.

This issue is meant as a greeting to you, so we will conclude here.

Thank you for reading!