Notice 2023/7/26

◆Director’s Letter Vol. 2

Hello! We are the director Ito and Furuta from the Rogue Roll Ruler’s development team. We present Director’s Letter Vol.2.

This time, we would like to talk about the process of how the game genre of “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” became a dungeon exploration RPG.

When we decided to create an NFT game, we wanted to make the most of the characteristics of NFTs. One aspect that caught our attention was the scarcity resulting from the limited quantity of NFTs.

Scarcity… If we were to express it in simple words, it would be “treasure,” right? There are plenty of low-value treasures, but high-value treasures are rare. NFTs are truly like “treasures”!

When we think of “treasure” in a game, it’s something you obtain by going on an adventure! And to clearly represent the value hierarchy, dungeons are the best choice! The further you progress, the stronger enemies you encounter, but beyond them lies “treasure” that no one has obtained before!

In this way, by thinking about the obvious things in an obvious manner, the genre of this game gradually took shape. Honestly, it’s embarrassingly simple…

That’s all for this time.

Thank you for reading!